Michael Cartellone


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Year Album Artist
2015 One More for the Fans Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums
2012 Last of a Dyin' Breed Lynyrd Skynyrd Group Member
2011 Skynyrd Nation Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums, Group Member
2010 Live from Freedom Hall Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums, Group Member
2009 God & Guns Lynyrd Skynyrd Group Member
2009 Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food Chuck Mosley Drums
2008 Christmas & Hits Duos Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums
2008 Extended Versions Damn Yankees Drum, Drums, Group Member, Member of Attributed Artist
2007 Second Hand Life Joe Lynn Turner Drums, Main Personnel
2006 High Enough Damn Yankees Drums, Member of Attributed Artist
2006 Live from Austin TX Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums
2005 Then and Now, Vol. 2 Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums
2004 Jack Blades Jack Blades Drums
2004 Like Distant Sounds Tim Kirker Drums, Percussion
2004 Lyve: The Vicious Cycle Tour Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums, Group Member
2003 Power Ballads, Vol. 2 Drums
2003 Thyrty: The 30th Anniversary Collection Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums
2003 Vicious Cycle Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums, Group Member
2002 Turn It Up! Lynyrd Skynyrd Percussion
2002 Twenty/Edge of Forever Lynyrd Skynyrd Percussion
2001 Anthology John Wetton Drums
2000 Christmas Time Again Lynyrd Skynyrd Drums
2000 Classical Wolf Hoffmann Drums, Percussion
2000 Then and Now Lynyrd Skynyrd Percussion
1999 Age of Great Dreams Steve Fister Drums
1999 Edge of Forever Lynyrd Skynyrd Percussion
1998 7 Deadly Zens Tommy Shaw Drums
1996 Twang!: A Tribute to Hank Marvin & the Shadows Drums
1995 Hallucination Shaw Blades Drums
1994 Battle Lines John Wetton Drums, Main Personnel
1994 Voice Mail John Wetton Drums
1993 Gilrock Ranch Brad Gillis Drums
1992 Don't Tread Damn Yankees Composer, Drums
1992 Encino Man Drums, Percussion
1990 Damn Yankees Damn Yankees Drums, Group Member
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