Urban Turban: The Singhles Club

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Continuing a rebound into kaleidoscopic psychedelic dance after the happy retro vibes of 2009's Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast, Cornershop concentrate on big elastic multicultural rhythms on Urban Turban. Much of this reflects some sounds from Cornershop & the Double-O Groove Of, their 2011 collaboration with Punjabi singer Bubbley Kaur, but here the Indian influence is matched with a heavier Western dance influence. Big rhythms pump throughout Urban Turban, with Tjinder Singh's sharp pop classicism fading to the background -- only the opening "What Did the Hippie Have in His Bag?" plays like a traditional pop single -- as Cornershop emphasize several different guest female singers. This feels modern but in a distinctly '90s fashion: the melds and mashups of club music and psychedelia forecast a future straight out of 1996. In 2012, this means Cornershop are on an island of their own, yet they still offer some distinct pleasures, particularly in the juxtapositions of East and West that can be heard throughout Urban Turban.

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